Interpretation panels

Clear design, engaging text, robust materials

What should a good interpretation panel to do? It should be visually engaging, communicate clear messages, and stand up to abuse.

We have over 20 years experience of supplying attractive, informative, robust interpretation panels. Our clients range from small community groups to large organisations like the Forestry Commission and the Wildlife Trusts.

We can offer a range of services to bring your panel content together:

  • Writing interpretive text
  • Layout design
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Image research and access to our extensive picture library
  • Illustrations, diagrams and maps
  • Creation of new design styles or working to existing branding

Clarity Interpretation can help your organisation with every step in the process.

We can provide a wide range of manufacturing options – sizes, interpretation panel materials, frames and posts, including easy-replace options for vandal-prone sites.

  • Sizes and shapes can be completely bespoke
  • We supply a range of robust panel materials including GRP and stoved alumunium
  • Frames and posts can be timber, metal or recycled plastic; we also supply frameless panels
  • Mounting can be upright or lectern (sloping) on posts, or wall-mounted
  • There are lots of options for carved timber frames
  • We can combine interactive elements into panels

Panel style gallery (click to enlarge)


Maps are common features of interpretation panels and we can create them in a range of styles (see our mapping page for more).

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Our quality illustrations can really enhance a design or recreate a lost feature of a site (see our illustration page). We also have an extensive digital photo library.

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Interactive features

Interpretation panels don’t have to be just static words and images! We can incorporate rubbing plaques, flaps, wheels and other interactive features.

Toughing it out in the real world

Interpretation panels can of course draw the wrong kind of attention! We can adjust materials to suit your location, including steel frames, hard-wearing, vandal resistant, panel materials and even options for quick replacement of damaged graphics. Our panels have survived in some very edgy urban environments!

Please contact us with the specifics of your project and we will work with you to find the best solution.

Use or online form to get a quote.

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