Participation and volunteering

A community really engaged

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Alongside a thriving programme of community activities, a successful community project will also depend on local people getting more deeply involved, through regular, direct participation.

We are passionate about volunteering! It enriches people’s lives and brings so many benefits – learning experiences, enjoyment, social contact and a feeling of being valued. We know this because we’ve been volunteers ourselves!

Through the programmes we have planned, we’ve got people involved in so many ways, including practical conservation work, leading guided walks, making films, curating exhibitions, updating websites and creating content for publications. Volunteers have researched local history, assisted activity leaders and got involved in surveys.

We have a lot of experience of delivering volunteer programmes, recruiting people from all walks of life, including ‘hard to reach’ groups. Once they’re on board, there is such a broad range of ways you can get people  involved.

Key to this is support through the right training.

We plan, design and supply interpretation for the countryside and heritage sectors

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