Exhibitions and displays

Walking through a story

Our exhibition panels will guide visitors through the story of your heritage, with clear layouts, engaging content, and high-quality design.

w tull exhib intro

We offer a variety of services for exhibition production:

Clarity Interpretation can help your organisation with every step in the process, whether you want a permanent display, a temporary exhibition or a portable stand.

pluckley - 20th century panel
Permanent display for a heritage centre. Panels are made from aluminium composite and framed in locally sourced oak.

We can accommodate a wide range of options for your displays; all can be supplied in bespoke shapes and sizes to fit your needs:

  • Durable, fade-resistant aluminium composite or PVC/PetGRP for permanent exhibition
  • Foamex panels or laminated card for temporary exhibitions
  • Mounts and frames in timber or metal
  • Freestanding panels
  • Vinyl graphics or lettering
  • Portable display boards for events or fairs
  • Pop-up roller banners, table banners, flags, for indoor or outdoor use

Please contact us with the specifics of your exhibition and we will work with you to find the best solution for your project.

Portable exhibition boards

Our high quality portable stands are easy to erect and take down and come with a weatherproof carry bag. A number of standard sizes are available.

Simple panel designs like those above can be produced quickly and affordably.

w tull panel 10

Panels with a lot of content can be structured with ‘layering’: the title (layer 1) communicates the main topic of the panel; the introductory paragraph (layer 2) sums up the key messages; the body text (layer 3 gives the detail). Layering helps visitors to understand the key theme of an exhibition quickly.

Illustrations, maps and diagrams bring  important themes to life. Our illustrators can create whatever you require, including accurate historical reconstructions and high quality wildlife illustrations.

w tull exhib 2

Despite their temporary nature, our foamex panels are of high quality and, if stored carefully, can be re-displayed or loaned without deterioration of graphics.

FoKW table banner

A well designed roller banner or table banner signposts your presence at an event and looks professional. We can supply them for indoor or outdoor use in a number of standard sizes.

bwag pop-up final
Pop-up banner design



We plan, design and supply interpretation for the countryside and heritage sectors

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