Ashford Green Corridor Interpretation Panels

The Sites:
The Ashford Green Corridor runs right through the centre of one of the fastest growing towns in South-East England, protecting wildlife habitats and providing flood risk management. It’s a series of urban riverside nature reserves, greenspaces and parks.

multi site map, ashford gc
This map of the Green Corridor featured on all the interpretation signs

The Project:
The interpretation panels we had designed for the Green Corridor back in 2007 lasted well but were out of date because new sites and habitats had been added. The Kentish Stour Countryside Partnership commissioned us to produce a series of 14 new interpretation panels about the wildlife and heritage of these diverse sites.

interpretation panel, queen mothers park

What we did:
For our design style we took colours and fonts from an existing leaflet we had designed for the Green Corridor. The client had a clear idea of the layout style they wanted for the panels, so we developed a template that married these two elements and produced a series of drafts leading to 14 final designs. We also edited text and produced the sites map above.

Click to enlarge

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